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Hi! Newbie here, I need help with a coin please

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I just joined as I found a coin in an old jewellery box, when having a clear out. I'm afraid I know very little about coins, but have an interest in history, archeology etc. After having a quick look on the internet last night, I think it's a William I paxs penny. Could someome confirm that it is please? Thanks,









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I am no expert on these but many pictured on a google search appear to have raised edges so perhaps the genuine ones do too.....that said I believe I have found an almost identical one here http://tjbuggey.ancients.info/europe.html which appears to be cast from the same mold which to me is a fake and I suspect some of the ones on a google search are fakes as well http://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital%20BNJ/pdfs/1906_BNJ_3_16.pdf hopefully Clive will see this topic and we can all benefit from his expertise. Here is Clive's example http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php/topic/22468-william-the-conqueror-penny/ pictured below the cast fake.




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