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Could anyone identify any of these? (picheavy)


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I bought these coins about 10 years ago ( given im only 19 thats a long time ago!)

and always adored them, just because theyre old. As I'm growing older I'd like to know who's pictured on thse. I know they arent in th ebest condition, but I hope someone will recognise any of these).
Also, the very oxidated coins, should I try and clean them? Or leave them as they are? ( some are really unreadable du eto a buildup of oxidation)
Many thanks!

You can download the pics and zoom in quite big ( 16mp pics) after clicking on them ( theyre on photobucket)
















Many many thanks!

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Not my area. Hopefully one of the folks who know this stuff will be along to help. Good looking coins. Enjoy them. And welcome to CoinPeople.

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If someone else doesn't come by I'll try to revisit this post and pull out some references for a better attribution, but from a quick glance, my best guesses would be


1. Crispus

2. Constantine I

3. Constans

4. Someone from Constantine's family

5. Probably mid-later 4th century

7. 4th century. The spear showing up in the portrait should assist with the attribution of this votive type


6,8,9 appear to be "radiate" pieces from the mid-late 3rd century

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