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Standing liberty Silver dollars


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My dad liked shiny things I guess from the number of newspaper coinage items he bought! :pardon: He would buy multiples of themone for each of the grad kids and one for them and for me and wifey.

Here is one that I have some questions on.


all of them are equally poor in paint dye job!

Since we don't have a PM forum I thought I would ask here.

1. Cleaning the colorizing off and removing the gold tone?

2. Has anybody done it and what did you use?

I understand that it can be sold as is, but I don't know how many buyers there would be for them. :elephant:

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I'm with Art. A poorly colorized piece is better than a piece that's half cleaned, especially if there's any selective plating.


With the former, it'd likely still trade the same as a regular SAE. With the latter, it might be considered to be a damaged piece and trade at a discount.

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