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French medal conundrum

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I've been preparing some medals for sale. Things I thought that I understood, but this one's a little different.

It's pretty much a basic French agricultural medal.

The obverse is a farmyard scene and the reverse bears the legend:




But just at 9 o/clock on the reverse is:




There's also a signature between 3 & 4 o/clock on the obverse:


Albert E*********


The medal is edge marked Bronze with a Cornucopia poincon.

As far as I can work out, the medal was made by the Paris Mint for the company Le Medaillier, 13 Rue du Conservatoire, Paris


What I'd love to learn is a possible date and the namde of the sculptor.






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Thanks Art. The curious thing with agricultural medals, in my experience, is that trying to buy one at auction can be hugely expensive. Selling can cost you almost as much. Unlike say, coin sales, the market does not have the same churn. A good quality coin like certain silver thalers can be bought and sold five times in two years, usually increasing in price. Agri medals sell once, and then aren't seen again for quite a few years. And these are relatively low prices we are talking about; particularly with regard to the French medals.

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