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Is it worth having these graded?


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No visible marks on it. Was placed in a change box in 1964 and not moved or touched again until 2015.



Has glossy shine and deep red color. The back is also still glossy and has an almost greenish patina on the outer and a deep red in the center. There are a few marks on front surface, but letters, numbers, and reliefs are all very sharp and show little wear. I would think this would be considered very good condition for a coin that has seen circulation given the date.


So worth grading or waste of time and money?

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I would not have them graded.


1964D Roosevelt Dimes in pristine condition are available by the roll for very reasonable prices.


Indian Head Cents are quite common and while your examples look like nice coins it's not possible to give them any grade from the pictures. The Liberty in the head dress is a key evaluation area. It and the feathers wear quickly on these coins. 1898 is not a key date in the series. If you want to have graded/slabbed versions of these coins you can buy them for less than it will cost to have yours done.


Good luck with it and keep those questions coming.

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Ebay is a good spot to check for ideas on the value of something. Also below is the link to a site that tells you in pictures how to grade Roosevelt dimes. There are similar sites for all US series.



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