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Two silver dollars


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Hi Ash!


Welcome to Coinpeople!


Great question. First, what does your gut tell you? Even if you don't know a lot about coins, your gut does. My gut says "yuck!"


Then there's a quick google search. 1879 was apparently a year that coin was created. However, 1789 was about 70 years before the design was created - fake!


You could also get a scale to see what the 1879 coin weighs compared to what the resources online say.


But... your gut should still be yelling "fake!"

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Thedeadpoint was trying to be polite, but I'll be a bit more blunt - these are modern copies made in China for the tourist trade, where people often pay a few dollars for them thinking "well, it's just a few dollars" except the odds of buying a real one on the street is far worse than winning Powerball, and even if real, the return would also pale by far to a lotto win.


If you got them as a gift from someone, I'd thank them for their gesture, but if you bought them and it's not too late to return them, I'd so do.

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