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16th Century Apostles Medal Series.

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St. Bartholomew cast lead 40mm. 44gm. RR. Roman School. Probably cast in the second half of the 16th century(Attwood), 1550-1575(Toderi).
Le medaglie italiane del XVI secolo - Volume 2 - Page 817
Giuseppe Toderi, ?Fiorenza Vannel Toderi
2568. SAN BARTOLOMEO apostolo Terzo quarto secolo XVI Fusa 40 mm D. .S. BARTOLOMEVS. .APOSTOLVS. Busto a sinistra. R. Scritta in sei righe in corona di alloro: CREDO / IN. SP. SANC. / E SANCTAM / ECCLESIAM / CATHOLI / CAM.
Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam
Creed I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church.
COUNCIL OF TRENT 1545-1563 - Ecumenical XIX (Contra Novatores 16 cent.) Session IV (April 8, 1546)
The Sacred Books and the Traditions of the Apostles are Accepted. Soon after an unknown Roman medallist produced 12 medals, the obverses each had one of the twelve apostles and the reverses each had a diferent part of the newly accepted shortened version of the apostels creed(credo = I believe) which together made the whole creed.
2 more from the series pictured in a 2011 auction http://http://www.deamoneta.com/it/auctions/search/66?c=Medaglie+devozionali


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Nice medal! Do you have any others in the series?


No, I was not even aware of the series until I acquired this one, in fact it was not until I sent pictures to Philip Attwood at the British Museum asking for any info re this specific medal and he informed me of the series and that it had to be issued after 1546, when the Sacred Books and the Traditions of the Apostles were accepted.


He covered the series in his "Italian medals, c.1530-1600, in British public collections" so he was the right authority to ask.

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