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There's always a problem with bees

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Anytime that you see a token or medal with a beehive, you can be sure that there are umpteen variants. Each with a different number of bees.


This jeton should, I believe, be in copper if it were Feuardent 5437 or 5439. But instead, it's brass and lacks a full complement of bees.





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5438 is listed as C7 jaune, for brass, normal called laiton in French. Cuivre jaune is literally copper yellow, so in this instance C jaune = brass.



A brass example from a different reverse bee hive die http://www.cgb.fr/corporations-le-corps-des-marchands-reunis,fjt_05787,a.html


A copper example 5437, which appears to match your reverse bee hive http://www.montay-numismatique.fr/jeton-corps-marchands-runis-p-11282.html


So I think you are okay! :bthumbsup:

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You are correct as to the number of bees, I suspect it is just a variant die.


I would be more than happy to accept it as F. 5438 though you could PM Ian, as I believe he has Mitchener, which might have it listed.


For what its worth, I am sure it is a genuine piece :yes:

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When I was buying French jetons that showed bees --including variants of this one-- on eBay, a friend warned me that there was a bidder on eBay who would try to buy anything with bees on it (coins, dishes, silverware, etc etc). He/she would drive up the price by bidding high. :blol:

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