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Mudies Medal series

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I have recently started to collect this series of medals but I am somewhat confused.


Some of the ones I have are a beautiful Bronze color, but others that I have cleaned having recieved them looking almost black are very coppery.


Looking through past auctions I see that they are often described as being made of Bronze and sometimes Copper. so which is it ???

Are they always bronze but me cleaning has made them look like Copper or are there Copper versions made.


Any helpful comments .



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Have no direct information on this series photo's would help. But a lot of the medal series, and souvenir types are made in Silver, bronze, copper, pewter and some times gold plated or gold, along with a host of bronze ,copper and pewter patina's

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The following(from contemporary sources) lead me to believe that Mudie bronzed the copper medals, hence once the bronze patina is lost they in effect revert to being copper medals.

"BRONZE FOR COPPER MEDALS. To the person who shall discover to the Society(Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce) a method of bronzing Copper medals, equal to that practised in France; the Gold Medal.

To be produced to the Society on or before the second Tuesday in December, 1784"

"508 Mudie's Series of Forty Medals on Copper bronzed, commemorative of British Victories. In a red morocco case"

"During Napoleonic times the 'bronze' medals were made of copper; an artificial chocolate patina was added to them"

Brown in BHM uses AE for both copper & bronze, so no help there.

The medal below shows the bronze finish remaining between the inscription & the raised rim(where it is protected) but the rest appears copper IMHO


Another example.



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