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Wondering about two $5 coins


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Hope this is the right forum for this.
I have two $5 gold coins which, I thought were described as Liberty Bust, but maybe it's Half Eagle. I don't yet have a snapshot of my own, but this is the image from an Ebay example:
I'm hoping to sell one of them, even though I admit I'm having a hard time trying to find an interested buyer in New York City (which surprises me). One is 1899, and the other is 1880 but that one also has a small "cc" under the eagle. The wear is probably about the same (I'm new at this, but maybe VF?). Does the "cc" indicate anything meaningful in terms of value/price? (And if you're going to float some numbers, could you let me know if those are retail prices, or what a dealer would offer me?)
Thanks for any insight.


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The "CC" stands for "Carson City", the mint where the coin was made. Coins made there do have a small premium (at least) compared to Philadelphia. I can't tell you specifics for that year though.

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Re-visiting this - wow, $1200? Mine is probably VF, and the offers I got (from dealers) were around $300.


I have a collector who I'm going to meet, who might be interested. My hope, ideally, is to ask a price that would be more than I'd get from a dealer, but less than he'd pay if he were buying from a dealer. Could I reasonably ask $600? 800?

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Carson City gold, if genuine, should sell easily. 300 for a 5.00 gold piece is pretty much gold value. Also note that there are lots of counterfeit gold coins , Certified prices are usually higher than raw prices because the condition is known and the authenticy guaranteed by the grader.


Ebay prices realized is nowdays one of the places dealers check before making an offer. Good luck with your coins.

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Thanks, Art. Interesting, of all the people I've talked to or seen, counterfeit gold hasn't been an issue. Maybe that's because mine aren't so expensive? Maybe if I had a five-figure coin, they'd be warier.


At the moment, I was hoping I might have a buyer for a $5 Indian head coin, hoping to do better than that $300.


This whole Ebay obsession drives me crazy, because in a lot of cases, I don't think it's a reliable measure of worth - it's just a rush to the bottom.

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