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Tonga Banknote


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Looks as if it should fall into Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Pick) number P 10d, but the curious thing is that the catalogs I have do not list the date of your note. In fact, they skip 1961 altogether. I would think that this is a new issue found rather than a counterfeit.

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Chucky Lucky 4, Here's one answer - Pretty much what we thought. If you want, I can send the note scan to him, or you can through his link.


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I have not confirmed this date (04.09.1961) variety exists for the 10/- note, but I have confirmed almost 550 different varieties of notes for Tonga in The Banknote Book: http://banknotebook.contentshelf.com/pr ... 6000001EC6.

I'm confident this is the most accurate, complete compilation you'll find, but there are likely many more unlisted date varieties to be discovered as Tonga changed the dates often.

If your friend will kindly share scans of his note, I'll add it to The Banknote Book.



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Nice note and info.I started a collection of Tonga stamps back around the time of their Independence. I was collecting Ghana and felt this would make an nice addition. Something happened in the supply chain and so supplies of new issues were hard to find. No album pages were produced by White Ace and such. I believe I still have the stamps somewhere in with my Ghana stuff.

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