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An interesting dig find in Australia


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This is a bit far stretched but what grabbed my attention is a couple of coins in this find.


The key find of these dug copper coins is an Australian 1930 penny. This, if it is proven to be genuine is a rather rare copper coin and is the holy grail of the entire Australian copper coinage.


Put that aside, if you look at the fifth photo, this is clearly a Russian 2 kopek coin. As of why it was in that lot, who knows. I find it pretty odd considering that the rest of the coins are almost 100 years older than the coin itself. Who knows, maybe a grandchild of a Russian migrant that moved to Australia had it as a keepsake and dug it with the rest of the copper coins.




Something random but thought I'll post it anyway. :)

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Judging by the way the listing is presented it is a scam. It is known to seller that 1930 penny is a rarity. They showed it to some "experts". They know the rest of coins worth nothing. Nevertheless they do not have a single good picture of both sides of rare 1930. The winner just lost 2000$ to a fraudsters.

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When it comes to Australian numismatics, there are a lot of naive people... By the way, the first Russians in Australia to reside permanently were convicts from GB in 1804-1805... There were a few waves of migrants starting from early 1900s... All the rest the early odd "spies", positioned in Australia in advance, to "invest" russian copper along with pennies into Australian land... This is a discovery of one of the secret investments... finally it paid off! :) Thank you for sharing!

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