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A colored coin from Australia


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Australia has been releasing colored coins in circulation for the last three years. I missed finding the other two when they were first released but managed to find some just recently. Trust me, these are really low mintage coins compared to normal circulating coins.

For photos of all colored coins, please check out here: http://www.ramint.gov.au/designs/ram-designs/2dollars.cfm


Released last year, this particular coin is known to be plagued with problems which is rather unusual for the Royal Australian Mint. A fair number of these coins are known to be struck with grease filled die which result in interesting feature.


This particular coin that I found in circulation essentially lost the words "Elizabeth".


A lot of similar coins are selling on ebay for silly money but most of them only have some letters that are missing. This one is really neat. Examples can be seen here:






Not bad finding such coins from circulation. :)

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