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New British WWII £2 coins

Johnny 1989

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Hi I'm new here so I'm not sure how many people on here are from the UK but here goes...


As you may have seen the New WWII 60th Anniversary coins have been released into circulation since the beginning of September. I recieved a few of these which seem to be coming up in two colours.


What I mean by this is the "gold" coloured part of the Bi-Metalical coins. Some are very light "gold" (looking almost "silver" coloured in some lights) & some a darker "gold".


However this on particular one I had recieved seem to had some of this darker "gold" missing showing "silver" underneath instead. I also noticed this in the message ingraved round the rim. :ninja:


This seems to be the only one I have recieved (in either shade of "gold") that seems to have been "Plated" if you will.


Just wondering if there is an issue with these £2 coins at all


Thanks in advance as I say I don't know how many people on here are from the UK so not sure if anyone on here can help


Any help appriciated



Johnny ;)

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Interesting. Is there any way you can scan your coin well enough to show the underlying silver?? The outer ring is composed of a nickel-brass alloy, which should mix well. Variations in the mixture will cause the various shades you are noticing, but it should be an even blend, without the "plated" appearance you describe.

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