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Dollars Sumatra

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Dollars Sumatra


In the old days, the Dutch had colonies in many parts of the world, in America, Asia ...


Here in Asia, they possessed many islands, including and the island of Sumatra. Businessmen from the company Asahan Tabak Maatschappy plantation "SILAU" (abbreviated ATMS) decided to create a tobacco plantation in the north of the island.


And created. "This is a profitable business" - decided to Dutch.


Many local people are willing to work on the plantation. They received their salaries Dutch guilders.


But it turned out that the tobacco plantation was so great that not enough workers. And then the Chinese team arrived for the production of nicotinic product.


Chinese workers labored honestly and in good faith. They made plans for his future life, when they are paid for their work and they dreamed that will be the richest in their villages.


And then came the day payday ....


Chinese workers lined up in long queues for pay.


- Hun Sun Penh - shouted the cashier first name.


- I'm here! - enthusiastically responded Penh.


- Take your 10 guilders.


Hun Sun Penh took in their hands guilders and did not understand. He had never seen guilders in his life in his 30 years, and he thought it was a hoax.


- La Mi Si - cashier called the second Chinese worker.


- And here I am - said a Chinese worker.


And he got guilders for his work and was also in great perplexity. What a strange "guilders"?


- No, I do not ... It's not the money ... - he muttered.


This story was repeated with all members of the Chinese proletariat. The Chinese returned guilders in cash and then threatened the cashier great pains and the sicknesses (not only for himself, but for all his friends and family).


The cashier was scared and ran to report to the management of the company "SILAU" about the incident and then added:


- Very want to live!


Corporate management think about the problem and was looking for a way out of this situation. Only in the morning found a solution ...


Only the sun came out, they invited all Chinese workers in a wide room, which was decorated with Chinese ornaments in the form of a dragon.


- Dear Chinese - began to head the company, - why you do not want to take money for their work performed in good faith?


- We do not know that kind of money, all of a sudden you are deceiving us - replied in chorus the Chinese people. And the word "guilder" somehow does not sound Chinese.


- Well, - said the boss - what the Chinese mellifluous?


- Dollars - they replied in unison.


- Well, well, well. Dollars will be!



Was such a conversation or not - I do not know. But soon were minted tokens, who paid Chinese workers who refused to accept as payment guilders. Naturally, this currency is accepted everywhere in unlimited quantities recalculated at the exchange rate of the guilder. (These tokens have in my collection.)


Tokens were issued in four denominations: 1/10, 1/5, 1/2 и 1 Dollar (were issued in the period 1902-1913).


Thank you for your attention. Sorry for my English.





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