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Brand New to Coin Collecting

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Hi Everyone. I am totally new to the coin world. I was sort of thrust into it because my uncle just died, leaving behind a ton of coins that he had in his collection. We need to catalog and try to figure out what they are and how much they might be worth. I've learned quite a bit on my own, but I really feel it's time to interact with some people who know a lot more that I do.


Also, just coincidentally, I took up coin magic last year, so that dove-tailed a little bit with my uncle's collection since a lot of coin magicians use Morgan silver dollars and various half-dollars to do a lot of routines.


Anyway, I'm glad to have found you.





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Welcome aboard!


A friend of mine was trying to learn some coin magic; he bought himself some lightly circulated British decimal "crowns" for the purpose since they're comparable to American silver dollars in size. I suppose the key thing is that the coin be large enough to be seen, and shiny enough to assist in being seen...


There is something appealing about a really large coin -- they have so much room to play, design-wise.

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Hello Ken and welcome to CoinPeople. I hope that you enjoy your collecting and this site. It's a lot of fun. :bthumbsup:

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