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Chrismass Constest 2014

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I have started a contest on facebook. Christmas Contest.

A fragment of banknote was posted. It is from the reverse (back) of a note issued by a state that still exists and it is mentioned in the Standard Catalogue of Paper Money, in the regular issue sections.

Another clue. It had 3 different dates of issue.

The person who will write the name of the country, the nominal value and the date (all of the 3 posibilities are considered correct) will win.

The prize are 3 UNC banknotes from Czechoslovakia: Bohemia Moravia 1 korun 1940, Czechoslovakia 1 korun 1944 and Czechoslovakia 100 korun 1989.

Each day, i will offer new clues or post a larger size detail. You can ask for clues like or aditional info, and I will post new comments :)

If no one guesses, on 25 december I will pick randomly a winner from the list of person who gave like, or made a comment, or asked for a clue.

How to participate:

Go on facebook and enter the page of Watashi Banknotes (me) or Contest-Watashi Banknotes:


And try your luck and skill.

Here are the first 2 details that were posted.



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