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Couple of tougher Chinese Manchukuo coins


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Issued during the WWII era under the Japanese regime as a Japanese puppet state, Manchukuo coins were issued in four different denomination: 1 jiao (10 fen), 5 fen, 1 fen and 5 li (half fen).


In the early years, 1 jiao and 5 fen coins were struck in decent nickel copper and the other two denomination in copper. As the war dragged on, coins were melted down for scrap and replaced with lighter or cheaper metal such as aluminum and eventually ended up as fiber. As you might imagine, these coins would not have been too popular with the public and would have been melted down over the years.


As for the survival rate for these coins,they can be still found at reasonable prices at VF to XF prices. However some years can prove to be illusive despite catalog value or can be a white elephant! Fiber coins for some reason are still over valued in my opinion.


These are a couple of coins which many catalogs underrate:


1933 1 fen



Catalog value suggests that you can find a low grade coin for 10 - 20 dollars. Yes I know mine isn't that great in condition but try and look for a better one. Best of luck! This is the key for the entire copper 1 fen coinage.


1935 5 li



Also a rather underrated coin. Catalog value might suggest 20 - 30 dollars but try to look for one like the above 1933 1 fen.


This has essentially put an end to the easier coins of Manchukuo coins. I still would have to locate a couple of key dates which is 1943 1 jiao (old type) and 1939 5 li - which I unfortunately bought a copy of the 1939 5 li. Still doubting the authenticity of the 1943 1 jiao which I may look for a better and guaranteed genuine example down the road.


Will be making an album version of this - have been upgrading a few coins and many coins are easily in XF to UNC condition, which may be difficult to assemble these days.


Might want to check if you have any tough date coins! Please feel free to post yours.



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