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Venetia Magna medal

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The reverse of your medal is dated 1928, so the obverse is just a copy of the 1457 medal's reverse showing the Doge of Venice Francesco Foscari,


The Piero Foscari was a ship launched 7th June 1928, built for the Navigation Company San Marco. Named for the nationalist politician Piero Foscari(died 1923) who headed the Lega Navale Italiana and also claimed he was descended from the Doge Francesco Foscari, hence using the 1457 medal's reverse.


The depiction of the Venetian galley on the reverse bears no relation to the 1928 Piero Foscari.


Wikipedia picture of the Piero Foscari.


Piero Foscari.

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I think the 'C' on the obverse is just to show that the obverse is a copy, ensuring it could not be used to create a fake of the Doge's medal, else they could have also put a 'C' on the reverse. Though it could be one of a series put out by an oil company etc.


Having it in hand you'll have a better idea if it is a copy, does it seem lightweight, if you could find the weight of the original that would be a help.


I do hope it is the real deal Bob :yes:



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