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What is wrong with this coin?

harpagon coins

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I got this coin recently,


I've been told it has a problem... I don't necessarily agree with this opinion. In fact I disagree.


I might be wrong.



Please help me see, where and how this coin has a problem, or simply where someone could think that it does.







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It appears to be a mule, which, though it might be old, could also be a modern fake from China. If you Google an image search for the reverse inscription 'den siegern bei waterloo gewidmet am 18 Juni 1865' you only see the image with whiskers extending below the chin, two different people, George V of Hanover & Adolf I, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe.


Also in your example the J of Juini looks odd, I thought it was an I at first.


They are both stamped 'B' under the bust so if they were struck at the same mint in 1865 it is possible it is a mule produced by a minting error.


The edge on the George V thaler has 'NEC ASPERA TERRENT, interspersed with ornaments.


The edge on the Adolf has 'WIENER MUNZVERTRAE JAN 1857'.


You did not mention what, if anything, is on the edge of yours.



So at least you know why there is some doubt about it.



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Hi there,


I didn't direct the question well...since I didn't want to lead attention unnecessarily to the problem area.


I'm not trying to establish whether the coin is authentic - this area I'm pretty well versed in, since there is an abundance of documentation regarding both these coins.



I'm more interested in the coin grade, whether there is some fault with the coin regarding condition, surface preservation etc. Something that could impede it from being professionally graded.



The two thalers you show are are from different states as you point out - one being Hannover with King George V and the other coin is from Schaumburg-Lippe with the portrait of Prince Adolph Georg.


I see your expertise in noting subtle differences in details and I imagine there are many more mules out there in medals than in coins.


Thanks for the input.


If you have any ideas why this coin might be considered cleaned, it would help me. I'm not an expert, but I get by with detecting cleaned coins most of the time, but on this example I'm a little stumped. Cleaning is an iffy area I find. I dislike the excessive onus some place on it, but we have to live with it.


Thanks again!

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