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    German state thalers and world crowns predating 1945 in uncirculated condition or near.
  1. Hi! Does anyone have experience with the reconsideration service offered by PCGS. I'd like two of my coins reconsidered. I sent a lot of Weimar coins which came back well and consistently graded. However another lot of German State coins I sent were a little more shoddily graded - at least from a consistency point of view and two in particular were completely off the mark. The two in particular are proofs as the Germans would call them. I'm well aware that Proof for German grading sometimes takes into account very well preserved examples of MS coins, without sticking to the technical def
  2. Hi there. You pose a good question that many collectors I guess have, or at least should ask themselves. Whether it's worth building a large collection of inexpensive coins or a small collection of high value coins. From my personal experience I'd go with the latter. I built up a significant collection of coins which over time became difficult to manage (some 7 medium size albums + another 9 inherited), also having two young children cut away at my free time. I also asked myself if one day, my kids would want to continue collecting or simply sell them off. Since, a collection m
  3. Hi there! I have two Italian 1 lira coins from 1926. There were only 500 minted. A few weeks ago a fellow collector took an interest in them, but then brushed off the idea of buying one by stating that it was not legal tender and that it had been minted specifically for collectors. This does not seem to be the case from my understanding, even though they were minted for collectors, they were still legal tender - if a collector would have wanted to use it as such. Many mints produce coins and dispatch them directly to collector lists while still remaining legal tender. In his statement,
  4. Constanius I know what you mean about falling behind... I had to sell off, rather slowly and sadly a big part of my collection since it was impossible for me to continue maintaining it. The time needed, is just not available to me at the moment.
  5. Hi there, I didn't direct the question well...since I didn't want to lead attention unnecessarily to the problem area. I'm not trying to establish whether the coin is authentic - this area I'm pretty well versed in, since there is an abundance of documentation regarding both these coins. I'm more interested in the coin grade, whether there is some fault with the coin regarding condition, surface preservation etc. Something that could impede it from being professionally graded. The two thalers you show are are from different states as you point out - one being Hannover wit
  6. I got this coin recently, I've been told it has a problem... I don't necessarily agree with this opinion. In fact I disagree. I might be wrong. Please help me see, where and how this coin has a problem, or simply where someone could think that it does.
  7. By the way, congratulations. You have an impressive collection!
  8. Thank you Constanius, Yes, we owe an amazing debt to classical art and iconography. It's filtered through time and still has the same powerful affect on our senses. Would I be guessing wrongly that you're a collector of Ancient coinage?!
  9. I hope someone is still reading this. Anyway, here goes... It's a gorgeous coin. And the comment regarding TPGs is interesting. I find too that they have some difficulty with grading German thalers. There's some inconsistency I feel. This particular one seems like an MS, potentially even getting to 63, but since I can't make out the degree of wear on the bear, it's iffy territory to commit. The thighs and face of the bear are usually the first place that show wear on this thaler. Beautiful piece!
  10. Hi everyone. Quick introduction... I'm a third generation collector from Italy. But I'm based in Israel. I collect with a group of friends various high grade crowns from Germany, England and Italy. Other countries are also of interest but we follow them less. We showcase our coins for viewing purposes (at present) through our website. Harpagon coins. Please feel free to visit us, make suggestions, contribute to the blog, or simply enjoy the photos of our coins. I hope to contribute constructively on this forum and become a valued member. If you have any questions, I'll
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