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Counterstruck 1842 US Large Cent


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Hey everyone


Found this unbelievable gem at the flea market for $2 the other day. It is a counterstruck 1842 large cent that is counterstruck either J. or S. Harper. Has anyone come across these before? I was doing a cursory glance at the listings in ebay and saw that the counterstruck coins with full last on them went for much higher than the ones with just initials. The coin itself is also is rather good condition... in better condition than most of the circulated Indian Heads I have come across.


And yet again I keep having trouble uploading images straight onto the site. I am going to use Omnicoin again.




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Nice find. I'd have added that to my collection and probably would have paid a great deal more for it than you did.

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There were a few folks at Early American Coppers who specialized in things like counterstamps. I don't remember their names and haven't been part of that org for a number of years. You may want to do a google on them and check the websites that come from it.

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