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HELP - Please Identify TWO 17th Century Traders Tokens


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Bought a load of tokens and coins recently and found these traders tokens. I don't have a reference book to find out much about them, so can anyone identify it.


Token 1

What I know - the date appears to be 1650 or 1656

The initials are an H with a small S between which helps create the capital H

Reverse shows some sort of bird, think it might be a hawk or falcon.

Legend appears to read ''HENERY'' which could be ''HENRY'' then perhaps a surname starting ''SI'' or ''SE'', hence the little S on the other side.



Token 2

On one side states ''HIS HALFE PENY'' with the initials I.R.E beneath.

Reverse has what appears to be a rampant lion and in the legend I can see the location appears to end ''....SEX'', so could be either Essex, Middlesex or Sussex

Any ideas?






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Ok, internet search gave me the answer to Token 1


1656 Farthing token of Henry Stebbing, Woodbridge (Suffolk), Grocer


Legend reads ''1656 Henery Stebbinge In Woodbridg.Grcer''


Note the spelling of Henry is the rarer type.


<<snip>> One sold in the UK in May 2013 for £53, with the more common Henry spelling.



Token 2 remains a mystery

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I can make out IOHN, OF and, I think, OD IN ESSEX so this looks to be the closest match just the letters IRE transposed to IER. With the coin in hand perhaps you can make out some more of the inscription & date and see if it matches. The transposition of the letters is probably just be a mistake in the listing.

47 0. Iohn Rayment. 1669 a lion rampant.
R. Of Brentwood In Essex His Half Peny. I. E. R.


BM lists it as R over I E so this is the right one: Williamson 1889 47, p.212




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