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  1. Hi all,, I have acquired a Dutch East India VOC coin dated 1747 and being a token collector, this is not my area of expertise. I can find loads of images on the internet with a castle or a flower above the VOC letters BUT mine has a bird above them, like a cockerel or something. Is mine slightly rarer and does it have any significant value? Please help, Thank you, Simon.
  2. Hi everyone, Need a bit of help in positively identifying this token I recently won on a well known auction site. On one side is the wording KORN HAUS BERN around the coat of arms of Bern, Switzerland, whilst the reverse appears to be a stylized ''1'' and the letters MAS underneath. Assuming this is the Corn Market built in 1711 to 1715, does anyone know what this token is. Is it a form of tally or a trade token? Is it rare at all?
  3. Anybody out there that collect Eurocoin London tokens? If so, please message me. Regards Simon
  4. Is there anybody out there that collects or has knowledge about Eurocoin London design types? I've got a few that I would like further information on. Regards Simon
  5. Hi Bill, Ok, thank you.....my daughter found it at the Birmingham Coin Fair on Sunday just gone and she is only 10 years old, so she has a good eye.......!!!! Regards Simon
  6. Found at a recent Coin Fair, a 1837 Montreal token. Any idea on value, rarity etc please. Regards Simon
  7. Hi, Purchased this token at an auction on Tuesday evening but cannot identify which market it is from. Spitalfields, Billingsgate, Covent Garden, Brentford, Faringdon, Boro Market etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction. It is the Unicorn Trading co and is made by R Neal 49 Percival St, London Thank you for looking and possibly helping.
  8. Found whilst metal detecting near Ipswich, Suffolk earlier this morning (Sunday 13th September) Measures between 22 and 25mm in diameter, weighs 2.9g, appears to be copper Suggested already that it might be a Spanish copper cob trade token Any ID help would be very much appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone, Anyone out there who knows about Hammered Silver Dirham coins, from Iran/Iraq/Persia etc? Believe they were used in Britain by Vikings as currency. Found this one, any idea of date/ruler? Measures approx. 25mm in diameter, pocket scales say 2.3g, passes test for silver. Any help greatly appreciated. Simon
  10. Latest purchase from auction website.... 13mm 1880 Queen Victoria Six Pence - legend reads ''D & Co's Toy Money'' , die axis 180 degrees. From what I can find out, this is a very scarce denomination in what is a scarce series of miniature coins. Does anybody have any information on these particular coins. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Can anyone provide any info for this token. It states....Rowland Blaylock 1D Newcastle On Tyne Measures 31mm in diameter and is plain on the reverse.
  12. Can anyone provide any info for this token. It states.....G.B.Medcalf 1s/- Enfield It measures 26mm and is plain on the reverse
  13. Can anyone provide any more information on this Victorian pub token. It measures 23mm in diameter It reads.....S.C.Hutchings Mitre Inn Kington On the reverse it states 3D
  14. Can anyone provide any information on this Covent Garden token. It's 21mm in diameter and appears like a silver sixpence It reads......T.James & Reader 6D Covent Garden Reads the same both sides, made by Neal
  15. Can anyone provide any details on the token. I reckon it's around 1870's according to information already gathered. It's 26mm in diameter, in a shape that is refered to as ''Octolobe'' It reads....... J.Vickerstaff & Co Fish Salesmen 2/- Bell St Birmingham Completely plain on reverse
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