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Please help me with this 3 inch limited edition st. gaudens


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The medal is one of a series of 6 honoring great coin designers(five Americas and one ancient) issued in bronze & silver 1961-1964 by Toivo Johnson, each medal is 3 inches. They were designed by sculptor Robert Schnabel and produced by the Metal Arts Company of Rochester, New York. One could buy matched serial numbers of the 6 medals, which were limited to 5000.

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Interesting question. I know someone researching the series. I will try to find out if he knows. If I understand everything I have heard, the serial numbers give you no clue as to how many were actually made. The total number was less than 5000. The serial numbers were applied when pieces sold. If you were buying the series, you could be assured of getting the same serial number on the entire set. Otherwise, the numbers were not random, but the were not struck in a serial fashion either.

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Could be this, "2009 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle High Relief 3" Commemorative Medal - paying tribute to Saint Gaudens' original 1907 Double Eagle Gold Coin. The medal was sculpted for us by the renowned medallic sculptor Gladys Gunzer and struck exclusively for us by The Medalcraft Mint. The medal measures 3 inches or 76 mm in diameter and is .32 inches or 8.2 mm thick. It weighs approximately 8 ounces or 227 grams."


This auction was for a pattern, so the produced medal might be slightly different.



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On 10/23/2013 at 9:17 AM, oooohyeah said:

it's 3 inches big and weighs 8 ouncesDSC08280.JPG

I know I am years late to this discussion, just registered. I believe this commemorative coin was made by the U.S. Historic Providence Mint(H.P.M.) I have one numbered 654/5000 also with H.P.M. Which is made of Solid Bronze. I can not find much about these. I would like to know when these were made/the cost at that time ? and when the company went out of business ?. Here are a few pictures of the specimen I now have. 




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