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  1. I know I am years late to this discussion, just registered. I believe this commemorative coin was made by the U.S. Historic Providence Mint(H.P.M.) I have one numbered 654/5000 also with H.P.M. Which is made of Solid Bronze. I can not find much about these. I would like to know when these were made/the cost at that time ? and when the company went out of business ?. Here are a few pictures of the specimen I now have.
  2. I recently got my hands on one. From my reasearch these were made by the US Historic Providence Mint. Has the Numbering’s of 654/5000 on its edge with H.P.M. It’s 3” in diameter and 1/4” thick. Does anyone know when these were struck, I believe in the Nineties but this is a guess and at what prices were these offered to the public when these were being sold. Also when did this company go out of business? …. thanks
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