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More Korean fun coins from 1890s - yes they are fun to collect


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I have been hunting these for years and managed to find them with pure dumb luck. Except they did go out of budget but I know very well that if I miss these, I'll probably find them many many years later at a ridicious price.


First up is a 1 fun coin dated 1893




This is definitely a lot nicer than a banged up coin that I had for years...




It only took a remarkable four years to find a better one - shows how difficult it is.


Second is another fun coin dated 1895. This is the variety with 2 characters instead of 3 characters, i.e. Korea instead of Great Korea - before the words "1 Fun".




A much better upgrade compared to this:




Also took a few years to hunt it down.


Finally this was a coin that I missed out more than seven years ago and regretted not getting it.


1893 5 fun - large font variety




While it doesn't look too special, the majority of 5 fun coins struck in this year are actually the small font variety. This is an example:




I can assure you that this coin is VERY difficult to find. Good reason why I couldn't locate an example for seven years. Even the rarest key date 1899 5 fun was available for sale for some obsence figure. Not sure what the catalog value is but I just pounced on it as soon as I saw it for sale.


And finally one of the best 5 fun coin that I have with a neat die crack - dated 1896. This particular year had three different varieties.




Not too sure if this did interest you but I found it "fun" to hunt these down. May the fun to hunt the other coins begin


I'll finish up compiling an album version of early Korean coins - looks pretty neat but the rest of the holes will be pretty much impossible to fill.

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