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Rough value for silver queen Elizabeth the queen mother commemorative coins 1994. 12 coins in total.


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Are they all in the same box, as a set? Or are they in individual boxes?


Are they definitely British issues of 1994 and not of a dependency or Commonwealth nation?

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Hi there all in the same box. Forgive my ignorance but how would I tell if there British.


If there is a country name on it, like this:





If you say it has the original box and certificate then I suggest that you let us know precisely what the title says. I also agree with a reply to one of your many postings of this - eBay will be your best bet as they won't be of any great rarity or value.


Good luck, Nathan! :)

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Yes sorry they are Gambia year of three kings, Guernsey queen mother 95th birthday, alderney lady of the century, Western samoa youth in flames castle etc


No need to apologise! I take it that this is the set in question? If you're local then I'd very much be interested.

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Yes that's the one and I'm in Manchester.


I'm sure you've seen my posts elsewhere now. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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