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Complete set of Soviet ruble coins 1961 - 1991 (non-commemorative)


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Think I've mentioned a while ago that I have an entire set of Soviet ruble coins (non commemorative) as well as noting that these coins are more difficult to complete compared to the Soviet commemorative coins. You could be in for a surprise to find some of the years are just too difficult to find. I also do have the earlier Soviet ruble silver coins (1921, 1922 and 1924) as well as all the other commemorative ruble coins. Only exception is the 1958 and all other pattern coins which I most likely will not see them in my life time.


The unfortunate side of photoshopping is that it takes too long for me to compile them into an album like this otherwise I would have a lot more to show.


Nevertheless, please enjoy the picture.




Also please feel free to show some of the ruble coins (non commemorative).


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Nevertheless, please enjoy the picture.

Looks really nice, congratulations.


Just one minor correction: it is stated that "1 ruble coins were not struck in 1962 and 1963".

To this statement I'd add: "for circulation".

As trial strikes of 1-ruble coins existed with these dates and are described in numsmatic literature.


Also, you wrote: "Only exception is the 1958 and all other pattern coins".

There were patterns in 1958 as well, but most known series of 1958 (from 1 kopek to 5 roubles) were not "patterns", but regular coins which were not released into circulation.

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