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A few other offerings

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Since I double posted the offering for the Australian pennies, I thought that I'd edit one of them to list a few more coins.


Prices listed do not include shipping, but I'll mail them anywhere based on packing material and actual shipping costs.


1813 Essequebo & Demarary stiver, G/VG, center of reverse quite worn - $5.00

1928-F Geramny 50 reichspfennig, AU - $6.00

1736 Great Britain farthing, VG - $6.00

1738 Great Britain halfpenny, VG - $6.00

1935 Mexico 20 centavos (silver), unc., $5.00

1836-A Mo Mexico 1/4 real (copper), AU detail with weak strike on certain elements - $10.00

1931 Estonia 5 senti, AU/unc. with a little red showing around the devices - $4.00

1913 (yr. 2) China Kwang-Tung silver 10 cents, XF+ - $12.00

1874 Guernsey 4 doubles, XF - $4.00

1772-A Germany Prussia 1/3 thaler (silver), nice problem free F/F+ - $15.00


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