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Any Russian Paper Money Experts?


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I got this yesterday in the RNS mailbox: if anybody can help this gentleman please send me a PM and I'll pass on his contact information.


My name is (.....) and I am conducting a research project on the 1876, 1886, 1895, and 1896 State Bank Metal Deposit Receipts. These extremely elusive notes are clearly not often available (except maybe the 1895 issue) and I cannot find any details about these notes or images of any of the 1876, 1886, or 1896 notes.

I was wondering if you might be able to reference a collector or numismatist who can help me with information about these series of notes. In particular, I am interested in the reasons that these notes were conceived, the circumstances surrounding their printing but not issuance, and photos of each series' notes, both front and reverse.
Thank you in advance for any information that you can provide.


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Hello. I sent that note to Steve. Thanks for putting it up here and providing me a link. Below are the 5 ruble and 1000 ruble notes from 1895. They all look more or less the same except the dates on the reverse are changed and some of the text on the obverse is changed to match the years. They printed a 50 and 100 ruble set in 1876 with the 5 to 1000 ruble series in 1886, 1895, and 1896. Images of the 1895 series are more or less out there. The other three years, though, are impossible to locate. They all feature the образецъ stamping. I'm hoping to find out more about what these were used for (is it as intuitive as the title of the notes would suggest - metal deposit receipts?) and to find images of the other three elusive series (1876, 1886, 1896). Thanks again for your help!






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as i know most of materials is in russian language plus there is a forum bonistika;

you may check this book in english "Czarist russian paper money 1769-1917" by Fiala (?), 1986;

i would share and research more for you but time limited

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There is a series of books by A.E. Denisov on Russian paper money. Part II has a chapter on State Bank Metal Deposit Receipts.

The act of Ministry of Finance from 1877 brought them to life.

They were used to pay customs duties and were purchased using gold (Russian and foreign gold coins, ingots, etc.).

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Thank you for the information. I am familiar that the Denisov books exist, although I haven't had the time yet to actually acquire them or read through them. My knowledge of Russian is working, but by no means fluent. One-Kuna - I've been all through the fox-notes.ru forums as well as some of the bonistika.net forums - I'll do a better search of the latter and see if anything pops up.


Thank you again - I'll check out those resources you both mentioned.

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