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Summer Contest Stage II: The little things

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Just to start - we're still waiting to hear back from stage 1 contestants so I don't have the results ready, but lets get going with the next round:


For this round, there are three prizes available: each a small silver coin from the mid-20th century:

1939 Netherlands 10c

1955 Australia 3d

1960 Venezuela 25c


Since it's been some time, this round will be worth 20 points.


Up to 15 points will be awarded for posts in the regular forums (excluding advertising) at the rate of 1 point per 5 posts, for the period July 5 - 26.


The remaining 5 points will be awarded for a post on what you think is the smallest size coin that people would be comfortable using.


Depending on the number of entries, I may add additional prizes for this round and/or permit winners to get 2 coins rather than 1.


Good luck!

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Smallest coin size:


I can not say for the rest of the world. Some of the Russian coins that I've gotten recently are pretty small. As are the Euro 1 cent coins. BUT I think the smallest in use here is the dime and I actually know a number of people who will not check dimes (coin collectors that is) because they are too small for folks with vision problems. BUT no one seems to have a problem with the size of the coin UNTIL they get to a certain age/stage in life. I have several friends who hate dimes because they have heavy arthritis in their fingers and dimes are just too difficult for them to maneuver.


Personally, I love dimes. Ever fill a jar with them -- wow you're talking about some money there. Not to mention that I think they're a great collection item. The Roosevelt dime and its connection to the March of Dimes is rather special to me and to many others as well. It always reminds me of FDR and his battle to bring the US out of the depression and through WWII. As important is the reminder that polio was running roughshod over the country and was no respecter of office or station.

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Sorry, ccg - can you reiterate what the topic is for this stage and when we are due? :help:


Topic for this stage is


"a post on what you think is the smallest size coin that people would be comfortable using"


and the cut off is the Friday night (7/26, 11:59 PDT)

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Thanks, ccg!

If you're talking about physical size, I think the smallest size that would enjoy widespread support would be slightly smaller than the diameter of a quarter. I personally love pennies, nickels, and dimes, but they get hidden in pockets or crevices of bags. I suggest something wide enough to be noticeable, but it can be narrow in thickness - find a sturdy material that allows it to be thinner to cut down on costs. Additionally, the coin could have one or more holes (do four-holed coins exist?) to allow the owners to easily distinguish between the coins sight unseen as well as reduce the amount of material.


Of course, I wouldn't implement this in the US because I'm a traditionalist!

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for me it would be nickle sized, the dimes and penniestend to be ate by couches and car seats, but then I would miss picking up the pennies from parking lots.

I do know for certain that I would never want to go back to trimes and half dimes. Sewing them into my clothing would be impracticle


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