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I made the slogan up :ninja:


This pen was donated along with a few others to my mom's Katrina Relief party for the silent auctions, and all of the others were sold 'cept this one because we forgot to put it out.


It's really fancy and if you are a pen aficionado you probably know how nice it writes. It has a clear glass cap with the Montblanc logo incased within, it has the resin/ballpoint/silver option and is top of the line for the whole Montblanc series.


This pen is BRAND NEW and never used, nestled in the silk lining of its beautiful box...


Here is borrowed pictures of the same thing:






This pen retails at $260 and it won't be seen with this option combo for anything much less than that, but $200 + $7.00 s/h is my price for this beautiful pen, with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to hurricane Katrina.



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