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Charles Halfcrowns


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Hi all ..

As you will realise I have just joined the group ..

I have a reasonable collection of coins ..some found with a metal detector in my youth ..some purchased along the way.

Included in these are some nice Charles Halfcrowns ..

These include 3 Tower mint..

1 Chester Mint

1 Bristol Mint

1 Oxford mint

and 1 York mint.

If these are indeed genuine the last 4 I suspect are rare-ish.

Certainly they cost me enough when I bought them some 30 years ago..

The York Half Crown has always intrigued me as to it's authenticity ..

Not so much the others.

The York coin has some silver splashes on the reverse ..and this always had me wondering ..as the only way this could have happened assuming it's genuine ..is after the hammering of the coin..

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before ?

I'm attaching photos of the coin ..and would appreciate any expert comments..






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On 6/30/2013 at 11:08 PM, Vipersan said:

I posted the same question on another coin forum ..and it was suggested this was actually a die flaw ..and not uncommon..



Just saw this post while looking for something else in this forum........gosh! it only took five years for me to notice it was there :)

...anyway.....the extra metal is as a result of a crack in the reverse die. When the coin was struck it forced the metal up through the crack to form the `splash' that you see (aka a `cud' amongst numisnuts like me). The die crack would most probably have started small and enlarged with each successive strike until it was no longer functional (ie broke up) broke. I recall a thread somewhere concerning `the death of a die' which talked about (and showed examples of coins (and the cuds produced) as the die deteriorated. 

With regards to these particular large coins, it is not too unusual to find evidence of die cracks /flan splits. To me it only adds a certain additional `character' to the coin.

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