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Got 3 unknowns in a bulk buy of Tokens


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Thanks, once I had the above clue as to country there they were! :yes: The 1/2 franc and dime appeared to be silver from the patina and dates/age since the date was worn off the dime its age. Nice to be able to put a name with a face so to speak, nothiong of any value other than scrap. But still nice to know.

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Not a world coin collector, It is more by default as it seems more people are slipping non US coinage into the rolls, change at the stores. and flea market sellers adding world coinage they can't move into Token bulk sales etc. Add this to what I didn't exchange from my time as a South China sea sailor, I have 1 and 3/4 2x2Coin boxes filled. They are interesting in passing as most of the dates areolder than the US/Canadian coins I see in change etc.

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