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Advice wanted,silver medallions that were not silver


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During 2011 i purchased from a well known international coin dealer in Leighton buzzard,uk,5 twin sets of Mandela ,925 silver

medallions.there was no coa or hallmarks but advertised as crown size-30.7 grams each-.925 silver.About £45 a set.Plus postage.

i bought 5 sets (2 medallions per box) = 10 medallions.

Most of these sets were given away to family and close friends on special occassions.

I phoned the coin dealer who said ; Yes they have had a problem from the supplying mint who had supplied them with the medallions which were not silver as ordered .

The dealer offered me a refund if i send the sets back , as my gifts recipients are global this poses more problems . Most of the recipients had strong ties with South africa and Mandela so they are reluctant to return the medallions and at the same time I do not wish to loose face,


What would you do ?

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Sounds like there's little that you can do. Perhaps you can notify each recipient and let them decide if they wish to return the items. I'd also boycott the seller.

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If your family members are happy with the medals and value them for the subject matter rather than the silver content, then I do not see how you loose face. If you bought them as a silver investement, then you want to return them for a refund. The dealer should accept a partial return.

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I should note that in general, it's generally illegal in the UK to advertise something for sale as silver, exceeding 7.7 grams in weight, without the item having been hallmarked by one of several guild / assay offices.

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