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MPC's military payment certs, Nam era any info?


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Have a couple of the MPC's (Military Payment certificates) that were used in country during Nam. Were would I look for info on them or are the considered Regular currency?



Just seen the virtiual heading popped up, pretty slick!

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MPC's were my ticket into collecting - my dad brought a bunch of the 661 Series notes home from 'Nam when he came back in '72. Those were a previous series that got recalled on a "C-Day" while he was on a mission - so he basically lost all his money and they became worthless. He gave them to me when he got back and I can remember my brother and I using them as play money - I still have them though and fortunately no worse for the wear since my brother and I didn't try to tear them up like everything else.


There are some websites on them - and they are listed in the Krause catalogues.

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You can find a lot of info about them in our Virtual Museum'



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