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Coins of Edward VIII


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Aside from some pattern British threepence which escaped into circulation, all Edward VIII coins exist only for colonies (and federated Indian states) which struck coins in his name.




Does anyone else have some to share? :-)

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Nice examples. This is interesting coinage. I believe I have an East African ten center in my collection but no photo and I'm not sure if it's here or at the bank.

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Hm - I wonder how difficult a complete set of circulating Ed8 pieces would be?


Excellent pieces - now we've got the four colonies covered on this thread!


Of the four colonies, if one were to collect just one of each type, it shouldn't be too challenging, excluding the mule.

Getting one of each mintmark would make it more challenging, but still just a matter of luck in coming across them:


Mintages in parentheses.


British West Africa (all c/n)

KM#14 1/10d: 1936 (5.9m), 1936H (1.4m), 1936KN (3.0m)

KM#15 1/2d: 1936 (14.8m), 1936H (2.4m), 1936KN (2.3m)

KM#16 1d: 1936 (8.0m), 1936H (12.6m), 1936KN (12.5m)

Also: KM#17 BWA penny with EA 10c reverse


East Africa (all bronze)

KM#23 5c: 1936H (3.5m), 1936KN (2.15m)

KM#24 10c: 1936 (2.0m), 1936H (4.33m), 1936KN (4.14m)


Fiji (all c/n)

KM#6 1d: 1936 (120k)


Fiji (all bronze)

KM#6 1d: 1936 (360k)



Indian States is where it gets challenging:


Jodhpur (no mintage provided; hammered/dump style coins)

KM#131/132/133 1/4 anna (copper) 1936 (the types are design elements)

KM#140 mohur (gold) 1936 (no price given, so I'm guessing mintage might be very limited, and possibly not issued for circulation)


Kutch (no mintage provided; struck coins)

Y#63 3 dodka (bronze): 1936 / VS1993

Y#65 1 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1992

Y#65 1 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1993

Y#66 2 1/2 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1992

Y#66 2 1/2 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1993

Y#67 2 1/2 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1992

Y#67 2 1/2 kori (silver): 1936 / VS1993

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I found some of the Jodhpur and Kutch issues on eBay, with prices ranging from 'reasonable' to 'eek!'. You almost have to take the seller's word that they're what they say they are, since they don't have Ed's name in English on them. I suppose I'll have to learn Hindi and Urdu characters. :)


Edit: I slogged through the characters. Yes, they are Edward VIII. Now I think I want it just to celebrate being able to figure that out for myself! XD

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