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Malaysia 2010 Flower 50 sen coin with inverted V on lettering edges

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I have a piece of the Malaysia 2010 Flower 50 sen coin with inverted V on the lettering edges.There is an inverted V just beside the letter R at the last letter of the characters on the lettering edges there.I have never seen anything like this before as a collector to be honest and it must be a new discovery.


It looks interesting to me and I have been keeping it into my collection for several years.I need the experts to help me to identify it if this error is a common or rare on other piece,your help is always apprieiciate as usual by me.Please refer to the scans above and let me know what you think.Thank you






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Isn't that just the last "A" in NEGARA, from "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" ?


That's what it appears to me too.

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