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1702 Queen Anne Coronation Medalet? Unlisted.

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Obv. Crown above the Union Spray of rose, thistle & shamrock, pair of clasped hands below. QUIS SEPARABIT(Who shall separate?)

Rev. Man-of-War within an oval frame adorned with rose, thistle and shamrock.

AE 24mm, struck sans collar..... unlisted? I can find no reference for this medal/token.


A Queen Anne's coronation(1702) medal used QUIS SEPARABIT in connection with the her being crowned Queen of England, Scotland & Ireland,the edge of that medal was inscribed: UNITED BY GOD IN LOVE AND INTEREST. Another medal struck at about the same time was for her appointing her husband, Prince George of Denmark, generalissimo of all English military forces and Lord High Admiral. This leads me to belief that this medal might also have been struck about that time and commemorates both the coronation(Crown) & her husband's naval appointment(Ship) and of course the 3 kingdoms joined in love & interest.


Any suggestions & comments most welcome, though I will be in Florida on holiday so might not reply promptly.

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Perhaps it is the same one, this came from Indiana, USA. You obviously thought it was worth a punt then, have you any thoughts on the medal itself?


By the by I lived in Watford, Hertfordshire when I was a young buck. Did you see this post http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?/topic/33167-earl-of-essex-cashiobury-card-counters-1725/

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The medal is still one I'd like, but haven't encountered again. As far as I can remember I withdrew at around £65.00. More than it was probably worth but there were 5 or 6 determined other buyers. It was bought in on behalf of an unnamed American client.

And yes, I saw the other thread. I frequently walked through the remains of the park while my wife attended her dentist in Croxley Green.

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