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Unknown Double Eagle 1 Rouble? Any Leads?


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Hey Guys I got this coin in a lot of coins from Ebay. I have no idea what it says! I can't even find a date! I've listed it on ebay, but don't expect it to sell for this price. I cannot get the photos to upload the right way, so if you would follow the link and let me know what the coin is I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!



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Not a currency. Fantasy coin. Value - absence or presence of luck! ;) The legend goes - you can not buy or sell the lucky rouble. If it came to you, with you not specifically trying to buy it, it's lucky, and you keep it for luck. If you sell it, you will loose your luck. If you buy it, you will not gain luck. If you pay with it, it will come back to you... but while you keep it, luck comes your way... something like this... Only this is not that very lucky rouble, it is a fantasy coin that replicates the lucky ruoble... sort of a fake legendary rouble, that states it's purpose but carries no magic.

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