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9th Annual Holiday Gift Exchange


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My bad. The sign-up is in the General Discussion forum which requires you to subscribe to it. You can do so by going to the following link:




Hi all Coinpeople buddies:


Want to organise the 9th Annual Holiday Gift Exchange a little bit sooner because we want more participating members this year!


The rules:


1. Only sign up if you can guarantee you will be able to send your secret buddy a gift.


2. The Gift should be numismatic related with a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $25 (we don't want to be too crazy here!).


3. Sign up in this thread by November 25, 2012, if you wish to participate.


4. PM me your name and address if you want to participate.


5. I will compile a list and PM every participant with their secret buddy's name and address around last days of November, 2012


6. You should mail your Gift to your secret buddy to arrive by Christmas, 2012, PLEASE!!! (This may be impossible for overseas exchanges, but do your best.) Procrastinators--this means you!!!


7. I am not responsible for people who do not send a gift.


8. Welcher's names will be posted for all to see. Welching does not include Postal Failure. (If you're that worried, keep your receipt.)


9. If there are any small numismatic items that you really want, include them in a want list when you send your address to me. I'll pass your burning desires along to your buddy who will hopefully help you out. A general idea of what you collect / are interested in would also help. Buddies are not obligated to send you anything on a "wanted list", however.


10. Your package should have a return address on it due to it's value. If you do not wish to reveal your identity to your buddy, tell me so in your sign up PM and I'll send you my address to put on your package to help keep your secret.


11. You will not turn me in for academic dishonesty for plagarising rules again #1-10.


Wait your replies



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