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1818 Texas jola "Lone Star"


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Hi Folks,


I have an 1818 Texas jola "Lone Star". A collector/Ebay auctioneer friend of mine helped me do some research on it and the general consensus at coin universe seems to be that there is no way to authenticate them, that they are either all real or all fake...

He's waiting on an answer from an expert. What do you guys think? I saw two auctioned recently, one for $46K and another for about $25K

I don't have enough days on the forum or posts to advertise but how would I go about selling this coin? I live in the Philippines and even if it could be authenticated, what's the first step in doing that? And if it can't, what now? Thanks all!

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Try calling if you're not getting an email response and want to discuss first.


Auction houses generally post their conditions and terms, and it's not unusual for a consignor to send items with a packing slip, any instructions they may have (e.g. reserve) and contact info.

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