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Two medals from Poland - Anyone can tell if they are genuine?


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I am not into medals. :swoon: Bought them for a friend of mine, but don't like the way they look. Metal looks too new, sort of like fake 1852 BM 5 kopeks, if you know what I mean... So, I'm not going to invest into the medal catalogue. But if you know of any on-line, would be appreciative you you could share the info. :yes:

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Looks to me like a base metal copy of this. Perhaps you can get some info from the site as to whether it is genuine or not.



"You are looking at a silver medal awarded to all surviving individuals civil or military, male or female, who participated in the defense of Sevastopol, 1854-1855, the battles of the Alma River, Balaklava, Enkerman, Chernoi River and to members of the Fiftieth Anniversary Historical Commission which was detailed to compile the records of the Defense of Sevastopol.


The obverse has in the center a cross illuminated by rays of the all seeing eye. On the cross surrounded by oak leaves is the Figure 349 representing the number of days that Sevastopol was besieged. At the bottom of the Medal are the dates, 1855-1905. Reverse has the Inscription, OUR FATHERS TRUSTED IN THEE AND THOU HAS DELIVERED THEM"

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