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1748 1 Rouble SPB Elizabeth


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My latest acquisition. Can not wait to get it from the seller:


I bought some more coins from USA, but Australian customs stopped them :sorry:... I'm trying to get them clear now. Hate when that happens... Anyway, this is my first rouble of Elizabeth... Did you know that she was the only Russian ruler who hasn't executed a single person (or so the history claims)?!

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Well, the package I am waiting for has a declared value of $1500. I've sent back to customs the p/w they wanted stating that it was a numismatic antiquity over 100 years old. From what I could understand that category should have no additional tax attached, but the processing costs are about $50. Hope I am right and they will not charge me any more then that. I'll let you know if you are interested. This is the first time that customs stoped my coins. The last time it was some throwing knives for my collection, that were apparently illegal to bring in unless you have a license to kill... ;) What can I do, I am Russian and I love sharp objects...

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