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Languedoc Estates (Occitania)

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Here's a scarcer jeton issued for the Languedoc Parliament in 1733 (again with the croix de Toulouse in the exergue). The obverse legend alludes to the young Louis XV following in the footsteps (and greatness) of his predecessor, Louis XIV. The reverse shows the equestrian statue of Louis XIV which was erected in La Place du Peyrou, Montpellier in 1718.


In 1732 the Languedoc Parliament took the view that La Place du Peyrou was too down market for such a glorious work of art and commissioned the agrandisement of both the statue's plynth and its locale. The Languedoc Parliament took the decision to make the 1733 issue of jetons commemorate the commisioning of the work, .........which by the by took a further forty years to complete.



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