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This Might Be My Last Middlebrook, Edinboro Castle Museum Purchase

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Though this is in great condition & has been silvered, it being mounted as a brooch/pinback might put some people off buying it, the fact that it was made into a brooch is, in contrast, the main reason that I was compelled to get it. I will explain why, most medals made into brooches have either some important person's image, an animal or flower, some club(or such like) insignia, etc. There are not many people who would want to have this medal silvered & mounted to wear, I think it must have been someone associated with the Edinboro Castle Museum and/or Pub so in that case the obvious first candidate would be old T.G.Middlebrook himself. Now there is no way to prove that, unless a photo of him surfaced showing him wearing it, but I can still dream that he wore this brooch!



Here is a picture of the man, alas he is not wearing the brooch(or is he?), but he is holding an auk's egg. One of the things that concerned me was what Middlebrook's initials T.G. stood for as none of the sources gave his christian names in full. Using my research skills to the utmost I can at last reveal his name full............Thomas George Middlebrook.....Born 1846 St. Martins in the Field(Stratford, Middx) died 19th, Aug. 1907. Link to previous posts re Middlebrook & the Edinboro Castle Museum http://www.coinpeopl...__fromsearch__1


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I like your theory and feel it may have been a gift (Christmas?) given to TG. The pinback portion was obviously professionally done.


Regardless, very interesting medal.

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Your point about it being professionally done had occured to me also & I thought Pinches might have done the work themselves.


From Tickets and Passes of Great Britain and Ireland By William John Davis, Arthur W. Waters Reprint of the 1922 ed:

"177. Obv: A bugle with a crown above, crest, motto, etc of the XVII Lancers, all within an olive wreath. FREE MUSEUM. THE BUGLE THAT SOUNDED THE BALACLAVA CHARGE. In small letters T.P.

Rev: Union Jack, and branch of oak, above LARGEST EGG IN THE WORLD, upon a ribbon FREE MUSEUM. Legend: WITH THE SEASONS GREETINGS FROM T.G. MIDDLEBROOK"

I noticed that what they term a "branch of oak" is in fact holly, you can see the berries, which ties in nicely with "the season's greetings" for Christmas.

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