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King John penny fake?


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Hello im a newbie so go easy

I have this coin which was given to me .

I have attached three pictures of the coin because the colour is bright silver not as dull as in the other ones .

Im told the weight for this coin should be 1.3 to 1.5g

any help much apprecited any history to the real one as well if this is fake would be of interest as this is new hobby of mine.

Thanks Tony

coin9 001.jpg



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A definite very poor modern fake. Probably a petrol station giveaway! Try ebay, asking the search for Hammered English coins, and you will see a great amount displayed. But arm yourself with books, Spinks or Wren will help you with 'the knowledge'. There are plenty coins on offer. always go for the best you can afford. And reading a bit of history will make the coins come to life. Google is good for this. A good collecting theme is the Angevin and Plantagenet dynasties. but mainly, enjoy!! Good luck!

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