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Newbie with a question please

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Hi, I just joined the forums. I'm not really a coin collector, but I do have a few coins, mostly from Germany and Austria. My real collceting hobby is stamps, but occasionally I find interesting coins that I like. I especially am interested in WWII history, and I am trying to get at least one coin from all the participatns of that war. I also like Austrian and German coins from the 1800's because they have interesting coats of arms on them.

I had a question about some Nazi Germany coins from the early 1940's, made of zinc. I got them in different coin lots on ebay. I have a few that are in really great shape, because they have some sort of lacquer or something on them. Then I have some that have some white spots on them. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to coat these with lacquer so that they don't get any worse, because from research that I've done online, it seems like there's no way to get the white spots off. they are not really worth a lot anyway, so I don't think it would hurt their value. But I wanted to get the opinion of real coin collectors first. Also, can I use clear nail polish, or is there a special kind of lacquer to use? I'm asking this in two forums, so hopefully I'll get a lot of good answers. Thank you all very much.

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