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  1. Finally I bought the coin. And still have no clue what it is. The crown is similar to that on swedish coins.
  2. I found this coin for sale in a weird lot, mostly modern coins around it. Anybody has any idea what it is? Thanks.
  3. Just got these. Used to be beautiful coins in someone's collection I am sure. Then the person died and it seems the municipality uses ignorants to clean these apartments and recycle unclaimed goods. The ignorant worker used a file and battery acid to test is the coins were of precious metal. Unbelievably ignorant! Seems he sold most of them to a pond shop. My question now: how do I clean the stains (I already tried bakeing soda)? Some are silver some nickel, our "hero" burned them all.
  4. I recently bought quite a few silver 20 kreuzer coins, both the Austrian and the Hungarian version. Some are in very very very good shape (with the mint luster), some are worn. Years from 1790 through 1846. Weight between 6.3 and 6.6 grams. https://imageshack.us/my/images
  5. I would like to believe that, but 2 grams is way too much. If this was a 1648 thaler, sure, no problem... Will hang on to it and compare it with other 5 lire from that period at the next coin show.
  6. I bought this coin last year, online. All seemed ok until I noticed it has a rare mint mark - the Rome mint version. But now that I weighted - the coin is about 23 grams... and the edge letters are very shallow. Suppose it is fake. What do you coinpeople say?
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